Corporate law and consultancy

Do you need to establish long term cooperation with a law office and have you not found a suitable candidate yet? Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment free of charge. Corporate law is our strength.

Corporate law is our strength. Shareholders and members of elected bodies of business corporations face often time pressure or great general pressure related to dealing with numerous agendas. In addition to this also the legislation puts considerable demands on these persons, which has great importance for determination of possible responsibility for acting of the corporation, it is certain that holding any position in the corporate entity is not usually easy. However it is necessary to make sometimes a strategic decision affecting several years in future, whereby its consequences may be immense. Therefore it is necessary to consult everything in advance with a professional, who is able to assess potential risks.

Having considered this our law office is willing to listen to its clients, it is also able to understand their business activities and is ready to be of adequate support, to provide reliable advice, to help find practical solutions and to explain the relevant legal issues in clear words. The personal approach to our clients is a matter of course.


  • foundation of companies, deeds of incorporation, corporate modifications, amendments, mergers, consolidations, divisions

  • commercial register, preparation of registration records required for formation, administration and modification of companies.

  • contracts to transfer business shares, shareholders agreements. Solving of corporate issues regarding sale of shares in companies.

  • contracts to perform offices.

  • reduction and increase of registered capital, equity conversion

  • Liquidation of companies, assistance in liquidation of companies

  • Due dilligence

  • preparation and organization of general meetings of companies, representation of clients in general meetings

  • compliance

  • groups of companies, consultancy regarding relationships between parent companies and subsidiaries in group matters

  • complete consultancy

  • court proceedings, representation before courts in all proceedings

Korporátní právo a poradentství


The price for provision of legal services is governed by Regulation of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Sb., on remuneration of attorneys-at-law and compensations of attorneys-at-law for provision of legal services (Attorneys-at-law Tariff). The payments are made in the form of advance payments. You have your costs always under control.


Do not hesitate to call us and arrange an informative, personal appointment free of charge. Nothing can be easier. We will analyze your case and recommend you further steps.


The Specialists

JUDr. Ing. Mgr. Pavel Sorokáč, MBA

JUDr. Ing. Mgr. Pavel Sorokáč, MBA

Mgr. Ing. Mgr. Jiří Dostál

Mgr. Ing. Mgr. Jiří Dostál