Broad Scope
We provide legal services to both natural persons and legal entities in all areas of law.
Professional assistance in problem solving provided by a team of professionals.
We guarantee prompt solution of your case.
You control your costs. You know in advance how much exactly you will pay.

We can help you with following

  • Foundation of companies, deeds of incorporation, corporate modifications, amendments, mergers, consolidations, divisions

  • Commercial register, preparation of registration records required for formation, administration and modification of companies.

  • Contracts to transfer business shares, shareholders agreements. Solving of corporate issues regarding sale of shares in companies.

  • Contracts to perform offices.

  • ownership, divided co-ownership, community property

  • loans – setting up, securing and recovery of loans

  • lease and sublease of structures and plots of land, flats and non-residential rooms

  • solving of all disputes resulting from civil relationships

  • foundation and modification of business companies and cooperatives

  • transfers of business shares, stock and other types of securities

  • business obligations, enforcement of contractual obligations and recovery of claims of creditors

  • mergers and acquisitions

  • drafting of applications for divorce

  • drawing up of agreements to settle mutual property situation of rights and duties resulting from common living and spouses' duties to maintain for the period of time after divorce

  • representation in divorce proceedings

  • drafting of applications in cases of judicial custody for minors

  • drawing up of agreements to regulate contact with and situation of minors

  • representation in guardianship cases in proceedings before courts

  • criminal proceedings - representation in criminal proceedings based on a power of attorney

  • criminal complaint – qualified drafting of a criminal complaint

  • claiming damages in criminal proceedings

  • drafting of contracts and their legal analysis and revision

  • assessment of rights and obligations resulting from contracts

  • evaluation of possibility to terminate contractual relationships (obligations)

  • consultancy and representation of clients in negotiations about entering into, amendment of or termination of contracts

  • drafting of employment contracts, agreements to perform work

  • assessment of issues regarding termination of employment, claims to severance pay

  • claims arising from work accidents

  • procurement of public contracts including any administration needed in procurement proceeding

  • efficient use of public funds with simultaneous respect for rules of competition

  • comprehensive processing of documentation for submission of bids

  • representation in administrative proceedings conducted by the Office for the Protection of Competition

  • drafting and analyses of all types of insurance contracts

  • drafting of general insurance terms and conditions

  • drawing up of actions for various types of performance

  • representation in disputes regarding insurance claims

  • we provide legal representation before state bodies in zoning and construction proceedings

  • preparation of contracts with detailed regulation of parties' obligations

  • legal service ranging from land rights to recovery of claims for defects

  • legal service regarding relationships between suppliers and buyers

  • drawing up of insolvency applications including applications for debt relief

  • drawing up of registrations of claims in insolvency proceedings

  • drawing up of actions to exclude things from property estate

  • representation in court proceedings including incidental disputes

  • compensation for bodily harm other than proprietary and proprietary damage caused in connection with traffic accidents

  • solving of traffic administrative delicts

  • legal consultancy in the area of liability insurance for damage caused by operation of vehicles including representation in proceedings with the Czech Insurers´ Bureau

  • defence in case of crimes related to transport, particularly in connection with traffic accidents

  • consultancy focused on individual elements of environment

  • consultancy related to environmental impact assessment – EIA

  • representation during inspection tasks performed by administrative bodies in the area of environmental protection

  • representation before administrative bodies in the area environmental protection

  • representation in court proceedings

  • consultancy for municipalities and regions in the exercise of own and delegated competence

  • consultancy and support in conducting of administrative proceedings

  • drafting of contracts and legal analyses or revisions thereof

  • representation in court proceedings

  • drawing up of credit and other banking contract

  • trading in securities and derivatives

  • representation in proceedings before the Ministry of Finance and the Czech National Bank

  • representation of sportsmen, sportswomen and sports organizations in negotiations and entering into contracts

  • representation of sportsmen, sportswomen and sports organizations in negotiations and entering into contracts with sponsors, insurance companies etc.

  • representation of sportsmen, sportswomen and sports organizations in arbitration and court proceedings